Providence Pass Girls Academy (in Florida) is a Christian boarding school with a mission to encourage positive internal values in girls ages 14-17 – boys homes and therapeutic boarding schools and boarding schools for troubled teens.

Powerful Life Change in Girls


Providence Pass


Providence Pass Girls Academy (in Florida) is a Christian boarding school with a mission to encourage personal-growth and positive internal values in girls ages 14-17, through effective and evidence-based treatment designed to bring about powerful life change.


Location: Florida
Students: 15
Ages: 13-17
Gender: Female

Providence Pass Girls Academy (in Florida) is a boarding school and home for girls struggling with behavioral issues.

ProvidencePassProvidence Pass has a mission to encourage personal-growth and positive internal values in a faith based, therapeutic environment through effective and evidence-based treatment to bring about powerful life change.

Our program is not a magical program that cures teens of their issues. Instead, our staff will work closely with the student, parents, guardians, the student’s family, providers, and schools by gathering critical data, and engaging in dialogue regarding problem and treatment history, strengths and deficits, and avenues for growth. Our program is successful by the collaboration of many individuals along with many different components within our program.

shutterstock_312038426Our staff is handpicked to provide the highest caliber of care in the most compassionate way. Our highly trained clinical team includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed therapist, nurse and EMT, all of whom bring comprehensive knowledge and expertise to the treatment experience. Providence Pass provides a warm and supportive environment that includes private therapy offices, group therapy in a peaceful lakeside setting, indoor and outdoor interaction spaces, state of the art technology, and educational tools.

We maintain a family style, home-like setting that provides a sense of security, while simultaneously providing a nurturing environment that includes comfortable living quarters, school area, fitness equipment, swimming pool, chef, ample grounds, basketball, tennis and/or volleyball. Since we are located within a secure, gated community, students of Providence Pass are sure to feel safe and comfortable. Although we are not a lock-down facility, we provide 24-hour supervision including in-house night time security staff and 24 hour community patrol by local authority.

  • Rebellion or Defiant Behavior
  • Lying or Manipulation
  • Stealing
  • Promiscuity
  • Drug and Alcohol Use or Abuse
  • Self-harm or Cutting
  • Eating Disorders
  • Running Away
  • Difficulty Progressing in a Traditional School Setting

Each students’ emotional, educational and behavioral progress is closely monitored by the staff involved in the process. Detailed reports are shared with parents on a weekly basis. Since family is a big part of our success, all students have weekly contact with parents. Letter writing is implemented as an integral part of restoring family relationships. Skype sessions are encouraged on a regular basis so parents can see their child. Family visits are also a normal part of our program.

The academic program at Providence Pass is fully accredited. Education and curriculum used is by ABEKA Academy and all students are automatically enrolled. Qualified professionals teach in a non-traditional style classroom. A year-round school calendar is followed while daily classroom schedules are flexible, not rigid, as it is imperative to create an environment centered on balance and creativity.

Providence Pass is certainly a unique and high quality program, helping teen girls conquer the struggles in their life. We are dedicated to helping families bring their child’s dreams back to reality. With a renewed outlook and the help of our professional staff, along with a loving and compassionate faith based environment, each graduate of the program will certainly have a bright future.


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Providence Pass - Christian Boarding School Reviews

Providence Pass Girls Academy (in Florida) is a Christian boarding school with a mission to encourage positive internal values in girls ages 14-17