New Lifehouse Academy is a lower-cost Christian boarding school for girls age 13-18, help girls with behavioral issues –  therapeutic schools and best boarding schools.

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New Lifehouse Academy


New Lifehouse Academy is a lower-cost Christian boarding school for girls age 13-18, specifically designed to help girls in dealing with behavioral troubles and life controlling issues.


best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: Oklahoma
Students: 35
Ages: 13-18
Gender: Female

nl-33New Lifehouse Academy is a lower-cost, ranch-based Christian boarding school for girls age 13-18, in Oklahoma.

This program is specifically designed to help girls in dealing with behavioral troubles. Through the course of this program, girls learn new tools and are granted new resources which help them to thrive in all areas of their lives. Girls who were once a prey to misery and depression can complete this program and become happy, confident, self-reliant, and successful young women.

Teenagers who are exhibiting any of the following symptoms are potential candidates for this program:

» Making poor and even dangerous choices
» Acting entitled, selfish, or detached
» Drug/substance abuse or addiction
» Manipulating family and others
» Lying, sneaking out, isolating from family
» Rebelling against authority
» Depressed, withdrawn or self-destructive
» Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or anger
» Academically behind or unmotivated.

Staff at New Lifehouse Academy are trained and experienced in dealing with these issues and many more! Located in scenic Northeastern Oklahoma, in an area known as Green Country, the campus is surrounded by rolling hills, pines, and a scenic valley with a creek. This 913 acre property provides just the serene and picturesque atmosphere troubled girls need to recover.

The principle aim of this program is to restore healthy relationships between teen girls and their family. A variety of methods are used to achieve this aim including therapy, mentoring, and modeling the love and hope available through Jesus Christ. When teenagers make a wrong turn in life and can’t seem to find their way back on track, New Lifehouse Academy shows them the way.

Academic Achievement and Repair of Past Academic Failure

While some therapeutic schools say they cannot mix strong education with therapy, our academic program receives high priority at New Lifehouse Academy from day one on. We operate our fully accredited educational program on a year-round schedule. A personalized educational plan is developed for each student, upon which we evaluate and report individual progress on a regular basis.

We require our students to demonstrate mastery, not just a passing grade, before they advance in any subject, so our tutors are often involved to help strengthen knowledge when testing shows a deficit in understanding. In addition to core subjects, students may also work toward repairing past grades (improving their past grade point average) and recovering lost credits, as a second chance to put their educational goals in order.

Family Restoration
Another major thrust of our program is that we work to bring hope and healing to the entire family.

While a student is enrolled at New Lifehouse Academy, we also spend time working to restore the environment in the home. At the same time that we teach personal responsibility to teens for their own past choices, we are also fully aware that the family environment has a significant impact on teens. New Lifehouse Academy strives to give hope and bring restoration to the entire family, not just the student enrolled with us.

Many parents of our teens have tried every possible method to help their teen, without success. Our family program includes elements such as parent coaching, study of the same materials the student is learning, conferences with parents, time with a parent advocate, and phone calls aimed at restoration.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

We want each teen to discover the purpose for which God has uniquely designed him or her. To help students find and develop their strengths, for senior students we offer advanced leadership training.



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New Lifehouse Academy

New Lifehouse Academy is a lower-cost Christian boarding school for girls age 13-18, help girls with behavioral issues