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Jubilee Leadership Academy


Jubilee Leadership Academy is a trauma-informed Christian boarding school for boys age 13-18 on a gorgeous 400 acre campus surrounded by apple orchards in Southwestern Washington State.


Location: Washington
Gender: Male
Website: schoolforboys.com
Phone: (509)749-2103

Jubilee Leadership AcademyJubilee is a Christian boarding school for boys age 13-18, located in Prescott, Washington. Students come to this program from all over America. This program is lower in cost. With two dormitories, cafeteria, school, administrative building, staff housing, football field, basketball court and much more, it is a campus designed specifically for helping struggling teens.

Students also enjoy agricultural activities including horsemanship, irrigation & pasture management, ranch maintenance and animal husbandry. These activities offer time for staff to bond with and mentor the boys in an informal and fun setting.

Academics at Jubilee

JubileeJubilee prides itself in offering an academic program on campus that focuses on the needs of students who have have fallen behind due to poor behavior. This year-round boarding school allows young men to both make up credits and to also push ahead. The curriculum is approved and monitored by the local school district and meets high academic expectations.

Sports and Activities

JubileeStudents at Jubilee can participate in soccer, football, basketball and baseball. Sports are available to those students that have worked hard in the program and have earned the opportunity by being academically in good-standing. On campus, there is basketball, golf driving range, skateboard park, high and low ropes course elements and many other physical activities.


Jubilee is a highly structured, Christian residential program for teenage boys age 13-18, located on the Snake River in Eastern Washington. This relationally oriented program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students and their families struggling with difficult challenges and life circumstances.

Since 1995, Jubilee has been helping troubled teens to overcome their struggles and become healthy and happy young adults. The services offered at Jubilee focus on the development and support of education, vocational and spiritual growth. The doors opened up with just 6 program participants and grew from there. After the first year of operation, there were 8 program graduates, half of which went onto college.

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The campus is on 400 acres surrounded by Broetje Orchards. The program offers a structured, positive learning environment that offers the benefits of more than thirty talented staff dedicated to helping young men gain the tools needed for success. The residential program integrates educational, spiritual, and personal growth curricula with vocational skill building activities, athletics, and community service learning projects. This integration, combined with a relationship-focused approach, provides full student engagement and results in demonstrated success. A team of counselors and other professional staff works with each student, creating an individualized development plan that outlines objectives and goals for the student’s success.

Jubilee offers advanced and college prep coursework. The vocational program includes woodworking, horsemanship, culinary arts, and facilities management. This comprehensive programming with vocational training provides a life-changing opportunity to discover and create a more fulfilling lifestyle for students.





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Jubilee Leadership Academy (Washington) - Christian Boarding Schools

Jubilee Leadership Academy is a Christian boarding school for at-risk boys age 13-18.