HIghlands Girls Academy is a therapeutic boarding school designed for underperforming, misbehaving or at-risk teenage girls – home for troubled youth, schools for troubled teens and therapeutic boarding schools.

Should you need help finding Christian boarding schools, boarding schools with therapy, alternative schools, alternative schools or homes for boys, please let us know. For teenagers in need of spiritual guidance, Christian boarding schools are a great answer. These Christian boarding schools provide Bible-centered treatment for at-risk teens, as opposed to other alternative schools. There are Christian boarding schools for girls, which are all girls schools providing students with lodging. In these girls boarding schools, girls are free to focus on their studies and changing their lives without the distraction of male students. Similarly, there are boys Christian boarding schools, providing the same benefit to male students.

Clearview Horizon - Christian Boarding School Reviews

Clearview Horizon serves girls, ages 13-21, whose futures are threatened by inappropriate behaviors or influences