Bob Lee is the Executive Director of Columbus Girls Academy, a Christian boarding school for girls located near Columbus, Georgia. –  troubled teen boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools.

Bob Lee – Columbus Girls Academy


Robert (“Bob”) Lee
Executive Director,
Columbus Girls Academy

Bob Lee is the Executive Director of Columbus Girls Academy, a first-class residential program located near Columbus, Georgia.

The Columbus Girls Academy Teen Challenge adolescent girls program is a Christian boarding school that provides education, counseling and training for girl’s ages 13 to 17 with life-controlling problems.

The program is located in Seale, Alabama on a sprawling 200-acre campus. There are four student dorms, a recreation building, school, pool, laundry facility, education building, office, and main lodge situated on the lake where the dining hall, kitchen, and offices are contained. They have a 35-acre lake for fishing, canoeing and paddleboats, hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts, softball field and volleyball.

The school provides a disciplined and structured environment that emphasizes character development and personal responsibility. The program is 15 months in length and is designed to develop the whole person in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic and physical.

“What we do is reign in those out of control behaviors with structure and discipline that’s not meant to punish or demean, but to teach, to teach character principles,” Teen Challenge Girls Academy Executive Director Bob Lee says.

The program’s goal is to develop students that make positive decisions that are not based on mandatory compliance, but rather where positive choices are made because of genuine concern for themselves and others. The program provides pastoral counseling individually and in group meetings. Community service, special projects, outings, and mission trips help students become focused on others rather than self.

Bob Lee’s prior background in management and sales provided a foundation for leadership development and ministry training.  Bob Lee also serves as the Adolescent Division Leader for Teen Challenge Southeast, providing leadership and oversight to six adolescent programs.  He is also appointed to the Missions Task Force for Teen Challenge Southeast, providing direction and leadership for overseas missions opportunities for youth.


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Bob Lee, Executive Director Columbus Girls Academy

Bob Lee is the Executive Director of Columbus Girls Academy, a Christian boarding school for girls located near Columbus, Georgia.